iptv resellers
Want to start your own IPTV business but don’t know which is the Best IPTV Reseller Program? If so then you came to the right place.

This topic is one of the most searched and top trending nowadays since many people prefer to watch an internet-based TV instead of a cable. The reason is simple as the price of that service is very friendly and of course, it offers thousands of live TV channels and some other features too.

An IPTV reseller panel, which we include for free, is a digital management platform which allows the owner to manage users, create trials, add or delete new customers, check credits and so on. You will receive this panel free of charge after becoming a reseller with ZaffitTV.

How much money can you make? Well it really depends on you and your marketing skills. Generally speaking, you make around a 50% markup on the credits you sell (customers that you sign up). The best part is that these customers, if they are happy with your service, are repeat customers, month after month. As with any business model, if you retain a great happy customer base, you can easily earn $10-$50,000 a month and more.

The best part about it is that you don't even need to worry about the technical aspects of the streams. Our provider handles all of that, and we even provide a portal for your white-lable portal for your clients as well as a admin portal for you to administrate your clients.

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